Unclog the sink

Do you think that what you see in this picture can be dissolved by some fancy expensive drain cleaning solution? Think again.

We know there is a lot of advertising out there for drain cleaning products but nothing beats the old fashion of physically cleaning the drain. After cleaning and removing all the things accumulated you want to give it a nice rinse and to remove any other things that may be on the lower pipes. We always use baking soda (we pour a healthy amount down the drain) and regular vinegar – we pour it in the drain, let it work and bubble till you hear nothing and run water after. 

Every model of sink drain or shower/bath tub drain has it’s challenges but we’ve done it all. Was interesting when a client wanted a simple cleaning and we needed to take apart the smell trap under the sink and clean it in order to restore the flow. And in that plastic elbow we found a knife and a spoon (was the kitchen sink) so we asked the client if he thinks that the cleaning gel he used could’ve cleaned those things lol

We recommend you consider cleaning all your drains (sinks, shower and bath tub) at least once every two years, this way you don’t grow frustrated with slow draining water and waste money on products that won’t dissolve the normal accumulations like hair.