List of Repairs

What are those small things that get on your nerves daily? What can Chubby Hubby repair in around 30 minutes, something that will give him the opportunity to introduce himself as the Candidate for Ward 12 Councillor

Here is a short list that can give you an idea about what kind of repairs take half hour. If the small repair you would like to have done is not on this list no need to worry, just put a short description on the scheduling form and we see what he can do. This is where you can schedule your free repair – meet the candidate.


  • wobbly kitchen cabinet doors 
  • wobbly handrail for the inside stairwell 
  • doors that won’t close
  • caulking around a door, a window or a counter
  • changing/installing a weather strip that you have already bought     
  • changing light bulbs or changing small light fixtures
  • change filters
  • change smoke/CO alarms
  • clogged sinks or toilets
  • repair loose electrical outlets
  • hang  pictures
  • maintenance tips 
  • and more – just send a short description of what your needs are in the scheduling form and we take it from there