Chubby Hubby is now in the ELECTION MODE.

John (Chubby Hubby) Duta is seeking the honour and the privilege to be your next Ward 12 Councillor. More details about the platform and the candidate on 

The list of the repairs that can be performed as part of the “Free repair/advice & meet the candidate” can be found on the List of Repairs page.

Who Is Chubby Hubby?

     Chubby Hubby is a proud homeowner who can help you solve problems and have more time to spend with your family. Don’t you hate those little things not working properly around the house? It’s time to fix them – give him a call.

     Chubby Hubby is a neatnik handyman who can do things you:

     Once you get to know him you will realize Chubby Hubby can handle all kind of projects. He has the knowledge and professionalism to take on a wide array of projects; he can also represent your interests in complex renovation and construction projects.

Give him a call

     Call, text or send Chubby Hubby an email to discuss your needs. He will give you a quote – you don’t need to worry about bolts, nuts and small things because everything is included in the quote. Chubby Hubby loves to:

  • repair wobbly drawers and squeaky doors
  • unclog bathtubs, sinks and toilets
  • hang curtains, pictures, shelves
  • repair loose electrical outlets
  • change bulbs and light fixtures
  • paint – small, big or custom
  • take on small carpentry projects
  • organize the basement, the garage or the shed
  • change/install filters and smoking alarms
  • install small appliances
  • check the hot tub/swimming pool
  • detail the cars and change the tires
  • and the list goes on…

     Every single household is unique and has specific needs so Chubby Hubby prides himself in his ability to deal with complex issues. He can tailor maintenance packages that include changing/checking filters (furnace, humidifier, fridge, central vacuum, hot tub), flushing the hot water tank, checking the smoke and CO alarms, organizing around.

Other Services

     Chubby Hubby also offers seasonal changeovers in personalized packages to make sure all your things are in place, up and running for the season:

  • hoses and exterior taps
  • barbecues
  • lawn tools
  • bikes
  • hot tub
  • deck repairs and painting
  • seasonal gardening
  • and much more
Chubby Hubby

     Not sure if Chubby Hubby can do it for you? Call him and let’s take it from there. 

Contact Chubby Hubby

    Chubby Hubby