Small repairs that can make a difference

For sure you have small things around the house that don’t work properly but you’ve learned to live with, things that you wish become invisible. Why not make an effort and remediate this, repair those simple things, put them on your “to do” list for short term not for “whenever I will sell my house I will take care of everything”.

Take a look at the following pictures, it is just a simple piece of wood, the step of an entrance door but think twice – it is the step that you see many times every single day, over and over again. With some sanding and a new coat of paint you can have it back to normal, back to the shinny state that will add positives vibes to your mood. Think about these little things, details that can be changed / repaired and can improve your state of mind.

Chubby Hubby can do it for you or can give you professional advice about what and how things can be improved but the first step is you taking action. You need to put some simple things into your priorities and start bettering your life. Big words? If you see the gratitude some of our clients show when we repair simple things they’ve learnt how to live with for years now you understand that simple things can make a big difference.

Good luck.