Smoke and CO detectors

When was the last time when you checked your smoke and CO detectors? Have you ever checked them?

Let me tell you how I got safe habits regarding my smoke detectors. Few years ago I faintly heard the basement alarm while something got burnt on the stove. We were cooking in the kitchen (main floor) and I was wondering how the smoke traveled all way to the basement without triggering the smoke detector on the main level. I’ve checked all the alarms in the house and I panicked, the only constant working smoke detector, on lower than normal pitch, was the basement one, because the basement is not finished and had no paint or dust around it. The other 2 smoke detectors were randomly working if they were detecting smoke or another detector was activated. This is when I realized that we had ZERO protection in case of fire. The detectors were expired and malfunctioning. Next day I bought new smoke and CO detectors and install them – hard wired ones as per City’s Codes.

Nobody will check the smoke detectors every other month as most of the recommendations but at least make sure they work properly and they are not expired. All the smoke and CO detectors have a label with the date when they should be changed.

A small step that can save lives. You should have a list with things to check at least once per year, and your detectors should be on that list. Want some good reliable smoke and CO detectors? Send me an email and I will gladly offer you some good advice.

Be smart, be safe.