The garage shelves

Dreaming about moving all those things off the garage floor? Chubby Hubby can do it for you. With a bit of common sense planning, some knowledge and the right tools you can have some fully functional shelving that will increase your storage capacity, will clear your garage floor and most important, won’t be in the … Read more

The mighty needed storage

We all badly need storage, this is a fact. Sometimes we have just an empty closet with no shelves so we can always buy a closet organizer package from one of the big box stores. There are different models out there and with some basic tools and knowledge you can do it. One of the … Read more

Smoke and CO detectors

When was the last time when you checked your smoke and CO detectors? Have you ever checked them? Let me tell you how I got safe habits regarding my smoke detectors. Few years ago I faintly heard the basement alarm while something got burnt on the stove. We were cooking in the kitchen (main floor) … Read more

Furnace filter

     The furnace filter is very important for the quality of the air you breathe and for the overall health of your HVAC system.      A dirty clogged filter alters the quality of air and puts pressure on the furnace because the air intake is proportionally reduced with the dirt accumulated in the … Read more