The red door project

This is the easiest and simplest way to brighten the appearance of your house and to boost your energy level. A new bright colour that represents your state a mind, a change in your attitude, the very thing that you see every time you get in and out of your house – a change of … Read more

Sports logos and not only

This was a fun project, our client asked if we can do it and we used our skills and imagination and delivered. Our client was dreaming aboout having his favorite team insignia painted on the wall. We took on the challange and get it done. This is the Dallas Cowboys star and luckily enough his … Read more

The garage shelves

Dreaming about moving all those things off the garage floor? Chubby Hubby can do it for you. With a bit of common sense planning, some knowledge and the right tools you can have some fully functional shelving that will increase your storage capacity, will clear your garage floor and most important, won’t be in the … Read more

The mighty needed storage

We all badly need storage, this is a fact. Sometimes we have just an empty closet with no shelves so we can always buy a closet organizer package from one of the big box stores. There are different models out there and with some basic tools and knowledge you can do it. One of the … Read more