The red door project

This is the easiest and simplest way to brighten the appearance of your house and to boost your energy level.

A new bright colour that represents your state a mind, a change in your attitude, the very thing that you see every time you get in and out of your house – a change of colour for your front door is something that maybe you never considered but it is something simple that can work wonders.

We are repairing things for our clients, educating them for good maintenance tips and in the same time we are learning from them on daily basis.

So here we are following our client request for a specific colour for the front door ( HC-181 – Heritage Red from Benjamin Moore ) and we fall in love with this beautiful colour and we’ve recommended to many more clients.

We will never admit that maybe, just maybe, we paint our entrance door with the same colour….

Just give it a thought and ask us about the red door promotion in New Brighton and the surrounding areas.