Painting small and big

We know that painting a room, painting your entire house or just painting one accent wall can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you get what you want in terms of quality, money and why not advice.

Here at Chubby Hubby we’ve done a lot of painting projects but when a potential client asked us for some pictures we’ve just realized we didn’t take a lot of them during our projects. Let’s just say that making sure the quality of our work is high and the client is happy with the outcome was more important than the photo ops… 

Still we want to post few pictures here that can give you an idea about our painting projects/skills. More pictures to come in the future. 

The pictures bellow are from a recent job where we repaired and painted the walls in the entire house and we replaced/repaired and painted any damaged baseboards.

Accent walls that can brighten your space and change your inner energy. 

Exterior boards repaired with car filler, sanded and painted.



Small exterior repairs and painting that can change the appearance of your house.