The almighty chain

The chain that you install on an entrance door – you can call it security lock, safety lock, safety chain or whatever you want to call it. What we call it? A simple and elegant way to fix many problems.

Nowadays you have specialized things for everything, safety covers for the door knobs, safety cameras, alarms and all kind of other things but we forget the simple things that can have more than one use and can give us peace of mind. One of this items is the chain that we can install on the exterior doors. It is installed at a convenient height that can act as a child safety, you can always use it as a security future when you open the door for a stranger and don’t want to be 100% vulnerable and it is also an extra security future if someone wants to break in while you are inside.

If you want to find a highly specialized solution for every situation described above you will end up paying a lot of money and installing some systems that could make your life miserable in long run. The decision is entirely yours but we installed lately quite a few of these chains for different reasons and we wanted to share this information with whoever might look for it.

Let’s keep it safe and simple.